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Introduce our customers the weighing system of concrete batching plant



Concrete batching plant adopted cumulative weighing method can get better results. This weighing system is a combined type scale, it is consists of cement weighing scale and sand accumulation scale. The cement scale is set in the middle, and san accumulation scale is set in both sides. These two scales have their own discharging gate.

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Because the current concrete batching plant makes the aggregate into two groups, that is, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate weighing device. This cumulative weighing method has been generally applied. Cement weighing also adopts this method. But the additive weighing method should not be using this method in order to avoid chemical changes, so the additive weighing method generally sets two weighing devices. Water weighing can accumulate water and recycling water together by independent weighing method.

During the concrete batching plant producing concrete, aggregate, concrete batch plant, water and additive have their independent weighing system. Aggregate weighing can accord its species and size, this method calling independent weighing. Though the independent weighing has the feature of high precision weighing, but the weighing hoppers are too much to arrange, thus the concrete batching plant structure is too complex.


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