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PLD concrete batching plant is consist of three systems



Concrete batching machine can work for those concrete mixers’s capacity below 3000L. Concrete batching machine weighing system using weight control devices and sensors, can be quantitatively material, ingredients and control, and automatically modify the gap. Daswell concrete batching machine has the features of reasonable layout, compact structure, easy operation, accurate batching and reliable control and so on.

Henan Daswell Machinery is specialized in manufacturing various construction machines for customers around the world,for example,concrete mixer,Its products have been exported to many countries in the world.If you are interested in them, please contact us,Email: info@daswell.com

1. Concrete batching machine electrical control system: electrical control system is the core part of the concrete batching machine batching plant, it is mainly consists of batching controller and electrical circuit parts.

2. Concrete batching machine weighing system: it is main part of concrete batching machine, it consists of weighing hopper, suspension devices, sensors weighing system and batching controller.

3. Concrete batching machine feeding system: feeding system is consists of storage hopper, feeding device and other components. Concrete batching machine feeding.


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