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Week's Recap

other dog


New battery,I should have said,not batteries.They only replaced the one that was bad,so now I've got one new and three old ones.Should have replaced them all in my opinion with winter coming.But I did get 8 new drive tires too.They put Generals on it-had Michelins before-and boy did they feel funny at first.Went to Dillwyn to load and thought I'd hit A patch of black ice in the first curve,but it was 85 degrees. Went to Fremont then Macedonia to Roanoke and thought I might be done for the week,but then I had to go to Avon,Oh. and reloaded at Sharon,Pa. for Lynchburg.Had A little small adventure on the way back. I got off of I-99 at Roaring Spring,Pa. to get A drink and A sandwich maybe.I was thinking there was A little fuel stop there,but apparently I was mistaken.Didn't see A fuel stop or A turnaround spot,so I kept going towards Roaring Spring to turn around at the Wal-Mart,but didn't see one of them either.So I continued on,rode through town,ended up on 867 south,had no idea where I was headed,road getting smaller and smaller.After A few miles the road got bigger,but still no where to pull over to look at my map or turn around.Finally I saw clearance lights approaching and hollered on the radio,"HELP!" or something,but it was A straight truck.Fortunately he did have A radio,and told me to go to the stop sign and make A right,go over the mountain and I'd be right back to 99. So I did and when I made that right I started climbing.When I got in the high side of the transmission I had to go right back to the low side to get over the mountain. When I finally struggled to the top the sign said 12% grade,next 2 miles.So I eased on down,still in the low side because I didn't know the road and didn't want to run up on another 15 mph curve like I did coming up.Got back on 99 and didn't even want A drink and sandwich anymore.


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