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Engine cut out problems......



Good day fellow Mack fans. I have come across a small problem with my end672 diesel. She starts ok but will only run for a short period then cut out, I think I may start with the basics and drain the entire fuel system and start again. I am sure that after many years of sitting around that water and stuff has made its way into the fuel system. Hopefully I'll be able to eliminate that variable before I start throwing money at it. I have bled the system and unblocked all the valves and pipes as I went until I got fuel into the injectors and replaced the leaking injector pipes but I am convinced that there is something there that I've missed. The main tank is almost full of red diesel so instead of draining what I'm sure is a lot of fuel I am looking to bypass that and run the fuel from a clean tank with fresh fuel and go through the process of bleeding and cleaning again. I would love to hear from anyone who can give me some hints and tips and common faults with my end672 diesel engine. Reading the owners manual it keeps going on about draining the system and filling with new fuel. I am also going to take a look at the air chambers and injectors to ensure that they are squeaky clean before I jump in and spend a fortune. I am very impulsive and find myself jumping from job to job but I am learning to take my time as it's not a race.

This blog stuff feels like therapy or something but I love it. May have to wait until the weekend to get on with it as work is very busy just now. It sucks that I have to earn money, a small lottery win would be nice or a rich sponsor so I can spend more time at home to play.

Anyway I am off to work but just thought I would keep you up to speed. Speak to you later buddies.


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Im no mechanic but like to learn stuff the hard way haha but maybe a bad injector or two. I primed some that run a lil bit then get air in system and die and ones you never get air out of system and wont prime. Ended up been bad injector/injectors and getting air in that way.

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