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Day four



blog-0350942001368208439.jpgDay four has been great.

It started with the two front tires being inflated and holding air which after 30+ years being flat was a surprise.

We had a huge list of jobs to do and we got them all done in great time.

The prop shaft came off with no problem. All the nuts and bolts were nice and free. May have something to do with the hydraulic crane leaking oil all over them. As I have never worked on anything this size or age before I was not sure if I was going to need big tools but so far I have managed with 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch sockets and a rather large hammer.

With the air in the front tires the ground clearance was greatly improved. My 3 ton jack slid in no problem and raised the nearside front (drivers side but here in the UK that is the nearside) and without even adjusting the brakes the wheel spun free. So that's all the wheels turning freely.

The tree stump was next on the list so it was out with the chainsaw. We cut it flush with the ground so the truck will roll over the top of it. And we dug out some more roots to clear the front axle.

Almost ready to bring home with all the small jobs done and the loose panels removed. The bonnet came off in a few pieces and has been kept so we can fabricate a copy. While we had the bonnet off we took the chance to get the engine cleared of leaves and years of rust, moss and birds nests. The motor looks quite daunting but I am sure it will spring into life with a little TLC.

Tune in next time for the gripping installment of the return of the Mack.

Same Mack time, Same Mack channel.


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