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I have a MP8 motor in a 2009 trident done 160,000kms and the injector tubes failed i replaced them and only lasted another 20,000kms this is not a cheap job is there an upgrade for these around i am considering ditching the motor and putting in a used cat

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There is a Conical (steel) cup upgrade that consists of 6 conical (steel) cups and 6 conical Injectors.

Im assuming you have the copper cups. You got to make sure you have all the updated parts, the copper cups with 2 rings at the top, combustion washer, and the larger injector hold downs. You have to follow the installation instructions to the T. Your truck is an 09 so it couldve been built is 08, so you could have the old/smaller injector holddowns.

Some customers still go with the copper cups because they dont like the cost of the Conical upgrade.

Either way, following the CURRENT instructions and having the updated parts is very important. .

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