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Monday On Sunday

other dog


Paul's Monday sounds better than mine,but I had mine on Sunday this week.Started out looking like it was gonna be one of those days.I couldn't get the computer to come on because it wouldn't take the password.Not an AOL or website password,but the HP password to start it in the first place.I'd type it,but nothing would happen.Tried restarting 2 or 3 times,same thing.Finally I just shut it off completely and turned it back on and it worked.As I think I once heard somebody say here "stupid computers". Then I couldn't get on BMT,kept getting an error page,so I went to work and my truck wouldn't start.Batteries were dead.I'd even cleaned the refrigerator out Friday and turned it off,and it still wouldn't start.Usually I'll leave the refrigerator on all weekend and it starts right up.One of the batteries must have gone bad,they look like the original batteries,so they're 2 years old.Had to call Jeff (Moore) to bring some jumper cables,because mine were in the tool box on the back of the pickup,but the tool box was sitting in my back yard because I took it off for something and never got around to putting it back on. It started raining about the time he got there,and it still wouldn't start off his pickup.Another driver came in to leave about then,and he had cables too,so we pulled one of them Freightliners down by the truck and used both sets of cables and finally got it started.Then I was motoring along on I 64 near Covington,headed to Zelienople,Pa,when an SUV passed me and A rock or something flew up and broke my driver side windshield-not too bad,but worse than the usual little bubble A little rock makes.It hasn't started to spread yet,but it probably will when it gets cold because there's dozens of little cracks around the center of the point of impact. So,when I got up to I-79 and proceded North,I pulled into the first rest area I got to and made A ham and cheese sandwich,and after I ate I took A nap. After that,everything went very well-unloaded in Zelienople this morning,reloaded 5 coils in Sharon,Pa.going to Lynchburg,dropped the trailer there tonight and bobtailed home. I hope the truck starts in the morning.


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