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Looking for DM 800 tractor



My family was in the sewer and bridge business in the Massachusetts area. The name of the company was Fantoni Construction from Framingham,Ma. We had 5 tractors, (4) RL700 West coast Macks with aluminum frames, bud wheels. They came with V8s, but I think they were all changed to 6 cylinders. They also had air shift trannys. The 5th tractor was a 1982 Dm800 with a V8 and a 12 speed transmission. The Dm had 22 inch rubber. The trucks were red in color except for the frames which were black. One of the RLs burned up, Two were sold out right, & 1 RL and The Dm were sold at an auction in Worcester, Ma. in 1986. The Dm was believed to have gone to the NY, NJ area. The RLs I have no idea where they ended up. I am looking for any of these trucks or info about them. I just finished a B81 and need a new project, what better than 1 of the trucks you grew up riding in as a kid, any help would be appreciated. thanx

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