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R-600 Update



Just going over to the yard to give the old R-600 some exercise.

I just cannot get over how well this old girl runs. And the more I use it, the better it goes.

I've got two friends that would like to get their Commercial Driver's licenses, and I think this might be the perfect vehicle.

It's a simple 711 diesel with a direct drive duplex transmission. Big windows and no bunk make for a great view, and the lowboy trailer is easy to see over during a road test.

We are about to flip the trailer over, sandblast and paint the underside. Then we will do the topside and install new White Oak deck boards. I've already got the deck material.

I guess I will replace the Bandag recaps with new radials. The recaps have never been on the road, but they appear to be dry rotted from sitting.

I'd like to hear from anyone who knows where 17.5" tubeless radials and rims might be purchased reasonably.

The brakes and drums are brand new, and the air lines have all been replaced with new plastic lines.

The tractor will probably wait until mid-Fall before coming in the shop for a refurbishment.

When my B67 is ready - I will probably sell the R model and keep the trailer.

For now it is too much fun to have one of these old trucks that is actually usable.


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