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Been a few days since I was here last -

Funny how time goes by and so much happens that we take for granted.

I'm another year older. My puppy became a national champion last week. And last, but not least, I got my new gearset from "Thermodyne diesel" in Minnesota. That's got me very interested. The rest of the stuff is just stuff - it happens all the time, then you die.

It's a bit unknown to me how the engine/transmission combination will react to the new ratio. Going from a 5.46 gear to 4.28. Wondering what will happen to my pulling power with the 673P diesel. The direct drive duplex transmission has been replaced with a .86 overgear triplex, which should help with the bottom end, and help with road speed at normal cruise.

Very few people understand - but this has been a very entertaining project.


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