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Home Once Again

other dog


I made those two turns and I'm loaded for Sunday.Went to Zelienople,Pa. Monday then over to Macedonia,Oh. to reload coils for Roanoke,Va.Then I went to Orville,Oh. and over to Macedonia to load coils to Roanoke,Va,where they make truck frames out of them.Even Mack truck frame rails are made there.Usually I'll have three coils,and I put seven chains on them because they are so tall and narrow-about 6 feet high,and 14" wide.I always horse shoe 2 chains,then criss cross 2,plus throw a chain across the top of each one. Now I'm loaded with Kyanite going to Zelienople,Pa. again,and it starts all over Sunday. Stopped by the grocery store on the way home today,just to pick up A few things...how come I can't go in the grocery store,even to "pick up A few things",without spending at least $100?


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Sounds like you stay pretty active - are you driving your own truck & flat trailer?

Paul Van Scott

No Paul,I drive for F.L.Moore and sons in Concord,Va. We're between Lynchburg and Appomattox,Va.Yeah,they keep me pretty busy-lot of times busier than I want to be,but like I say,when my outgo is more than my income I gotta go no matter how lazy I get.
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