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Whats In A Name



:mack1: Have you ever wonder how the name MACK came about? Well let me tell you You see it was a dark lonely strech of highway and the guy who invented what we call Mack trucks today was hauling some equipment with his own invention of a truck that he had put together himself. He had been out on the road for some time when he came to a scale house, yep those guys were around way back when..... He pulled across the scales when he was hit with the red single, the red single was a overly ripe tomato throungh at your windshield to make you pull over they didn't have fancy lights then. Being a law abibing citizen he pulled over and the fact the cop was standing there with a shotgun had a little to do with it. Well he got out and walked up to the Officer and asked what was wrong because he knew that everything on his truck was operational because he had invented the perfect truck. The Officer said that he had broken his scales because he was so over weight and that he wanted to know what type of truck he had because no truck had ever pulled that much weight before. Again the owner of the invented truck said he couldn't be over weight because he had loaded his truck him self and that the scales must be wrong. Well that was getting the Cop mad and then a strange noise came from the front of the truck the Cop pulled his gun out and motioned for him and the driver to walk around to the front and there was the noise his Bulldog sitting on the hood barking at the moon. The Cop just shook his head and said now tell me what kind of truck is this so I can give you a ticket so I can get my scales fixed. This made the driver so mad he was kicking the ground and spiting and being all upset. Now no more fooling around I have to put the name of the truck down. The inventor had came to a point he just wanted to get back on the road so he looked around and saw his Bulldog on the front hood of his truck so he said Bulldog. The Cop laught and said that aint a name of a truck, I got we will name after you. What the driver said who ever herd of a truck named Pete? No not that name but MACK. That's not my name. Your right but it is the way you look. Mean And Cranky Kuss :angry: , MACK and it fits this truck because no truck ever worked so hard hauling such a load sign here. Well thats how the name came about and to this day it is found on hard working trucks all over the world. :thumb: Oh Peter's brother Kurkey Wilber KW for short also invented a truck but he named it after his brother to be nice, he called the truck that Peterbuilt :SMOKIE-LFT: Be Safe and keep on trucking And that's the truth! Really it is if not you tell me how it came about..... :blink:

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