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The Title

other dog


I'm running out of titles- might have to go back to stealing Paul's :lol:

I got out Tuesday and went to Roxana with a 60' load, then deadheaded to Knoxville and picked up 60' rebar going to King George, Va. Can't unload that until Monday, but I have a dentist's appointment Monday too.

Even ran into some snow when I left Tuesday-it was snowing off and on most of the way across West Virginia.

And I saw a 2-story forklift in Suffolk, Va. last week.

And I saw the Volvo plant in Dublin,Va. yesterday.

And I saw a dog in the yard.

And I saw this Euclid when I was coming from the dentist's office.

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It's good to know that you are keeping your eyes open and seeing a lot of things.

Now - about stealing my titles---- That's just not gonna work.

And don't forget that I specialize in Italian food for a reason.

You might want to take that camera to bed with you, and sleep with one eye open!


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