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More Front Axle Progress



Been a little quiet in the truck shop recently.

But, for a good reason - I've been pretty busy

putting together new work projects for our building business.

It sure does feel a whole lot better now than it did six weeks ago.

Anyway, I'm still working on my B-67 front axle.

Gathering up the original B Mack parts is getting harder

every day. But I've had pretty good success, and a lot of

good help with finding the pieces I need.

It will have new king pins and bushings, tie-rod end kits, new bearings,

new sleeved-seals, new bushings in the brake shoes and everything else

polished and checked over really well.

The brake linings appear close to new, and the drums are in excellent

shape as well. The little compression springs that hold the shoes away

from the backing plates had to be made and the shoe mounting pins needed

some attention. The hubs have a little wear from spinning bearing races,

but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

With the new kingpins, and all of the rest of the work - I'm hoping that I get a

really nice steering front end.

We found springs and diaphragms for the original brake cans and the brake operating

shaft bushings are in great shape, as well as both adjusters. The drag link is excellent,

and the tie rod looks like new.

If you work on one of these projects long enough - it's funny what gets you excited.

On to Spring.

Kathy and I are leaving this week for a little sailing trip, and will be back in about three weeks.

Spring should be in full progress when we return.

I'm leaving it up to Other Dog Tom to see that this happens.

Someone needs to check on him though.

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