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Not much to report in on.

I've been tracking down all of the little parts for my B-67

front brakes and tie-rod ends.

Think I have everything except the little brake shoe retainer

springs. Going to have to find a spring vendor and match them up.

I did find an old fashioned clutch and brake shoe re-lining business

in Rochester. And they think they have a Mack 673 clutch, pressure

plate, flywheel, throw-out and pilot bearing assembly all re-lined,

resurfaced and ready to install stored upstairs in their shop.

So - I've definitely got that on the radar.

This is the time of year when everything just seems to drag along.

And with a slow world economy, a slow business environment, a

wet, gray weather pattern and just plain old grumpiness - it's

really dragging along more than usual.

On a brighter note - the sun came out last Friday, and the telephone

started to ring for the first time since Thanksgiving.

I now have two new appointments this week to discuss new houses with people.

All from one day of sun!

Do you think we maybe don't actually get enough sunshine?

I've been smiling about that all week.

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We definetly need more sunshine.......on the other hand we have been steady, with 3 houses were supplying and a couple more coming up were not doin too bad. One day it's dead as hell couple days later were runnin our a$$es off....

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