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Back To Florida

other dog


I finally left Tuesday and bobtailed to Florida to pick up a trailer at the St. Lucie nuclear power plant and bring it back to Lynchburg. Got there at 3:30 Wednesday evening but couldn't leave until Thursday morning. Had to wait for the paperwork, then they wanted it back in Lynchburg at 8:00 AM Friday :huh: The most interesting thing I saw was a crab crossing the highway just before I got there. I've seen lots of things, but that was a first. Now i'm loaded with sheets from N.B.Handy going to Boca Raton, Florida.

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If you want to be able to talk to someone while you are there, then you need to take someone with you. It has been a lot like that around Blue Ridge. Not so bad since the housing bust has taken effect. When the work went away, our neighbors from south of the border are going away a little at a time.

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