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Being Bitten On The Ass By The Mack Bug Part 2



Part 2 begins where Part 1 left off: vouching that Mack Trucks are the best and always will be (sorry for pinching part of the Was. Is. Always will be slogan)!

If it wasn't for my chance meeting with the driver of said CHR688RST, I would be a bit boring, still to this day! My choice of the R-600 "Flintstone" was one which was easy to do, trying to find one has been hard..... until now!

I only found out about the tow truck through a friend of my brother's who was working at the same place where my friends (who own the truck now) have their holding yard. They brought it as a repossesed vehicle for A$12,000 and were going to put it to work but, due to the age of the gear on the back, they can't use it as a tow truck because of Workcover NSW regulations.... ahhh well, all good plans come unstuck! I was offered a pretty neat little R-600 "Flintstone" single drive with a 6-71 Detroit Diesel 2 stroke engine and a 13 speed RR as well - still might buy that one as a parts truck for the tow-truck! All in all, I have decided the tow truck was a better proposition due to it being completely original, with no rust or anything in it at all! The single drive truck had some rust which would have to be fixed, some parts for the engine are becoming hard to get (bushes for the blower shafts, etc.) and lever parts for the RR gearbox as well!

If I had my choice of truck to do up again, I wouldn't hesitate in saying that Macks are the best to do up!


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