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Another Week Or Two In The Bag

other dog


the best diesel engine mack has made was?  

90 members have voted

  1. 1. the best diesel engine mack has made was?

    • Thermodyne
    • Maxidyne
    • Econodyne
    • Magnadyne
    • E6 4V head
    • E7 4V head
    • E9 4V head
    • older ENDT V8 2V head
    • other engine not mentioned

So, where was I? Oh, last week I went to Petersburg to load a 60' load going to Masury,Oh, but just as I was pulling off the scales I got a call from headquarters telling me not to load it because they didn't want it in Masury until the end of the week. I ended up taking a load to Piedmont,S.C. instead, then loaded a load of 60' re-bar in Darlington for Fredericksburg,Va. Had a flat on the way back with that load, had to call road service to bring me a steer tire. Then I went to Petersburg and loaded a 60' load for Masury,Oh. All on my 48' trailer. I like my trailer.Not as good as the old Ravens I used to pull though- cain't beat a Ravens. Everybody hates going to Masury, because you have to tarp the steel beams that are stored outside, and everyone who works there is an a-hole, from the people in the office to the guys on the floor. Just hateful for no apparent reason.

But I survived and loaded at Brookfield for Roanoke. I unloaded there Monday and then went to Dillwyn and loaded for Fremont, Oh. Haven't been there for a long time, it's one of my favorite runs. Then I went back to Masury and loaded coils for Roanoke. Then to Petersburg and Wilmington,N.C. Then empty back to Lynchburg and picked up a Duluth,Ga. From there I went to Birmingham and picked up skidded coils ( good thing-I left my coil racks in the tool box on my trailer in Lynchburg) to unload in LaCrosse, Va. Monday. I ran over 3,000 miles from Monday 'til Friday.

Then I made some of the best chili ever today, even cooked some pasketti noodles and served it Cincinnati style-very delicious. And of course I took a roll of film to Wal-Mart, only to find they don't do 1 hour phtos any more! Had to go to CVS, but I got 'em.

A nice looking Argosy Freightliner from Canada,loading in Petersburg.

Colorful leaves in West Virginia

Colorful leaves in West Virginia

Coloful leaves in West Virginia

wtf?!! looks like the truck ain't setting level...

oh...tire's flat-time to get my air hose out-maybe I can pump it up

Jeff's other truck, W900 Kenworth, on the scales in Petersbug

...uh...thumbnail's too small for me to identify it yet,must it must be something important-ok,a neat looking old building in downtown Gormania,W.V.

Rt. 220 in W.V.- Used to have to keep straight here and cross this old iron bridge

either the first snow of the year, or a cotton field in South Carolina-can't remember which

Superliner Mack

Superliner Mack


Recommended Comments

3000 miles makes for a pretty good week!

And - that tire didn't look like it just went flat.

What's up with that?


I ran over an unknown object right before that exit ramp i'm on near Ellerbe,N.C. and by the time I got on the ramp and pulled over the tire was destroyed. There was a hole right in the center of the tread almost big enough to stick your finger through. Or maybe it was a sniper attack...

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