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other dog


Went to Altavista just now,and out here where 699 runs into 29 some people were having a yard sale in the restaurant parking lot straight across 29. So of course Jo wanted to stop and look around-I said "I don't want none of that crap", so we stopped to look around. Saw what could well have been a heckuva deal- a cobra 148gtl cb radio,chrome plated external speaker,and a 300 watt linear-all for $60! The radio or linear either one is worth way more than that-way,way more.I was tempted to buy it myself,but I just bought a new Connex 3300hp and I have a 100 watt modulator I don't even use. The guy said everything worked,and that he had it on his boat,but I had no way to test it of course. I feel like it probably was good,because his wife (I assume she was his wife) said it about killed him to bring it. If anybody else happens to want it let me know ASAP,I'll run back over and see if it's still there,and send it for $60 plus whatever it costs to ship it. Maybe the guy didn't realize what he had.

Even went to Food Lion and got a replacement steak for the one I dumped on the ground yesterday.


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