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Caught In The Act...almost

other dog


They say a picture's worth a thousand words,but these probably aren't,took them through the kitchen window...


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A) Shotgun

B) Rabbit Fence

C) Dog

D) Stew Pot

Any of the above should solve the problem.

Good Luck,

Paul VS

I have all the above,except the rabbit fence-I put string around it and tied plastic bags on it to keep the dogs out,they're too lazy to cross the fence. After I took those pictures I took the dog out there and he went one way and the rabbit went the other. Sometimes I wonder what I pay other dog (the beagle) and another dog for-that's their only job.And I couldn't shoot the old rabbit,I can just imagine a whole family of little orphaned bunnies...

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Now we're down to the heart of the matter -

You really don't want to harm the rabbits at all.

My father and my mad scientist uncle spent

hours and hours trying to foil the squirrels that would get

into every bird feeder they ever tried.

When one of my other uncles wired the pole with

110v, they shunned him, disconnected the wires

and went back to their games.

The truth came out - the fun is in the challenge.

We don't really want to hurt the animals.

Anyway - have a good week.

Paul VS

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