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New Find



A freshly overhauled Mack 285 hp Maxidyne engine was

offered to me this week, and I bought it.

The company that owns the motor no longer uses the DM's

and R models that the engine was spec'd for.

The overhaul was done by Mack, and the engine

is on a test stand complete with a radiator and starter.

I bought the test stand and everything.

Hopefully I'll be able to test my old 673's and 711's, too.

Heck it's the closest thing to a running truck I've got!

Maybe I'll just bolt on a transmission and rear axle and

go for a drive.

Going to need to find a new project though, because this

engine won't fit in the B-67, and I would like to use my Jake

brake on it.

Guess I'll have to apply a little pressure on Kevin All.


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I know where a B-61 is just sitting in a field,waiting for you to rescue it.Probably wouldn't take much to get 'er going again... be glad to check into it further for you if you want...think about it,green with pink fenders,Paul Van Scott on the doors,hauling the B-67 to shows with it-the possibilities are endless!

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I wouldn't mind a tandem B-61, or that style truck,

(a closed cab B-85 or similar truck would work too)

but, ideally, I'd like an L cab. Like a B-73 with the L cab or an affordable

LT or LTL tractor. Please keep your eyes open.

My thought is to use the B-67 a little and sell it when the time is right.

I'm going to need to have some fun with it - I've got an awful lot of time in it.

I would like to sell the R-600 without having to do the restoration,

and I am considering selling the H-63. All to gather enough money to

really do a nice L series cab.

I also have decided to part with a couple of my old farm tractors to

raise some extra cash.

And I have a lot of pretty nice B model Mack parts and pieces that I will sell at

some time if I have to.

The 285 with a triplex that I already have and a modern tandem air

ride rear under that big L cab with a small bunk would probably be my


One other truck I might consider keeping would be a Pete 359,

but everybody has one of them. At least the big Mack is unique.

I know where there is a nice B-73 with the big cab. I just need to come up

with the right money to bring it home before somebody else does.

The B-67 is my first big truck project, and doing another Mack truck should

go a lot easier, and hopefully, somewhat faster.

Ah Well -

So many great ideas - so little time!

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I used to see a single axle LJ dump truck for sale in the big truck trader magazine all the time,but I haven't bought one recently...believe it was somewhere in Ohio,but i'm not sure.

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An LJ can sure look pretty nice.

There are a couple around that you see

regularly at the bigger shows.

One from North Carolina, I think the owner's name is Anders.

That one is a real beauty, with a capital B!

There's something about that LT and LTL cab and hood

combination that really gets my attention, though.

You know what they say -

If you've got an itch - you ought to scratch it!

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