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Old Bill

other dog


Been talking to Bill,the diesel gypsy,this morning on Skype.He should get the truck show pictures Wednesday,and have them up shortly there after.If you've never checked out his site,you should.As Teresa said,"it's the greatest trucking web site ever".His stories are excellent.I told him he should write a book,and he said he had indeed looked into doing just that,but reading the stories-all true,no fiction-will let anyone know what it's really like to drive a truck.That's the way it used to be,and the way it is now,just different-if that makes any sense! After I discovered his site several years ago I came to the conclusion that he's the greatest truck driver ever too.Plus he taught me more about this computer than I ever thought I could learn.The first time I sent him an E-mail,and he actually answered it I was awestruck-now we correspond regularly,and I must say,i'm very proud to know him.That's www.thedieselgypsy.com


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