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other dog


Once again after a very,very short weekend it's time to get back to work. As soon as I shave and take a shower i'll be leaving.

I got some corn and pole beans yesterday and started to plant it but there's a chance of rain through Wednesday so i'm gonna wait-if the ground's too wet the seeds might rot before they come up. Still plenty of time to plant them yet. I'll plant the beans between the corn and let the runners climb the corn stalks. I also bought a container of crushed red pepper and sprinkled it on the onions and cabbage that the dogs keep digging up.

I'm going to Masury,Oh.-or misery,Oh. as a lot of drivers call it-and have a load of coils in Brookfield to bring back to Roanoke. I don't feel like going,i'm already tired thinking about it,but I checked the maibox yesterday and got an electricity bill,credit card bill,telephone,insurance,and directv bill all at once so that kind've motivates you to get going. I paid all that last month,but they keep sending more bills so I got to keep on trucking...hate having to leave on Sunday :(


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