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New Possibility



Driving home from an appointment this morning in Pultneyville

I spotted a very straight and solid looking B-61 tandem axle flatbed

parked in a row of the farm's fruit hauling trucks and old tractors.

Occurred to me that I have seen it there for a number of years.

Just never thought about it before, I guess.

So - I'll have to go and introduce myself .................

We'll see what happens.



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Actually, I've got two of these old straight trucks on my radar.

Guess I'll go look at them both and see if I can bring one home.

One of the trucks was a service truck for a local concrete company and is in running condition.

There's a method to my madness. I have two spare engines and transmissions,

and two spare front axles for the B model Macks, so the restoration process is

fairly easy. And I'm getting the process dialed in pretty good.

The building business can actually use a straight truck, and it is great

advertising for us.

I would try to find a dumping flat rack for the body, if possible. With stakes and

side racks we can carry a variety of loads from trash to long (16') new materials.

And - I just recently sold an older one ton GMC we used for this purpose.

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sounds like you've got things coming your way Paul. And it's always good to see old iron still working. Jeff Moore is always telling me I should take that mixer off and put a flatbed on my truck,but I wouldn't have enough work for it to make it worthwhile to put the insurance on it and pay the taxes on it. Besides,I always tell him the mixer gives the truck "character"-you see lots of b-model flatbeds at shows,but i've never seen another mixer.

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I like the looks of the mixer, too.

Yeah, it probably is a little limited in its' use,

but nobody else has one!

And, it would deliver crushed stone or garden mulch,

or top soil pretty well. If you really wanted to work it a little,

you might contact a local landscaping or garden supply company

for Saturday work. (Like you need more work!!)

The nice thing about working it a little is that it keeps the drum clean

inside and it keeps all the parts operating nicely. And it looks really cool.

Just a thought - -

Paul VS

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