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Strange Mid-winter



It's 50 degrees here tonite. Very weird.

Although we usually get some sort of a mid-winter thaw - it never feels quite right.

Then there's the mud and the gray, dull weather to deal with. It might be the only time of year

that makes me think of going somewhere else.

All the rest of the year the weather is pretty nice - even the severe cold and snow. At least that's

what winter is supposed to be like. And, sick as it might be, we actually like it when it's cold and snowy.

Making progress on the rear axle for the B-67. Still waiting for two brake shoes to get back from re-lining

for the 3rd time. Apparently bolting on brake lining blocks is a lost art.

The good news is that the rear end and differential appear to be in perfect shape. Bearings look real good. Put in all new seals.

Should get the engine power washed this week, and prepped for a trip to the motor doctor to get a health check-up and a

new gasket set installed. Might need new injectors. Wouldn't surprise me after 20 years of sitting, although it runs smooth.

And I know the fuel pump will need to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned and checked out.

Then I will paint it and detail it, put in a new clutch, pilot bearing and throw-out bearing, resurface the flywheel and

pressure plate. The transmission I've decided to use is a 9 speed overdrive duplex. I'll sandblast the case and get it painted

up before I take it to the transmission doctor (Same as the motor doctor) to have the cover removed and innards checked out.

One of the best things I have done to date was to fab up a cart with heavy casters to carry the engine and transmission.

Sure makes life a lot easier.

Did the same thing with the cab. Now I can move them around, and on or off a trailer by myself.

I am really excited about getting the B-67 done. I have high hopes for using it for a lot of little jobs.

And we got the cab up on the H-63 this week. Took some Corona and creative thinking because the cab jack doesn't work.

And you have to be smarter than the jack anyway. Who knew they put a locking release in the tool box below the sleeper?

Boy, are we dumb!

Paul VS

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I don't know about all that locking release in the tool box beneath the sleeper,but I once stopped at a self service car wash in Buena Vista,Va. when I was on the way to Covington with a load of chips to spray my truck off. I jacked the cab up and it wouldn't go back down. I pushed on it so hard it left dents in the front of the cab,but it still wouldn't come down. Finally I called headquarters and told Teddy what the problem was,my cab wouldn't come back down. He said after you jacked it up past a certain point you couldn't just release the valve,you had to jack it back down too...oh...I put the jack handle in the jack,pumped it a few times,and it came right on down. I didn't know that.

And the cold-I can deal with that. I have a sub-zero sleeping bag that I've never used, A Czechoslavakian military surplus parka I ordered from Sportsman's Guide for about $19.95,it's really warm-so warm I haven't worn it yet ( weighs about 8 lbs!). You can always put on more clothes-but i've never been a heat person. I don't particularly like driving in snow and ice,but I took an Orchard Park over a Boca Raton a while back. The heat like we had here last summer was just miserable to me...I can still remember the 114 degrees in Savanna,Ga.when I was loading something or other,and i'll take the cold anytime.

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