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This is really an experiment for me. I know absolutely nothing about blogging or the theory behind it - but that devious Barry put up some pretty desirable merchandise as prizes for the top Blog.

I like that idea. So I am hoping this is a successful experiment.

By way of intro - I am in Upstate New York - the Finger Lakes area.

I've been interested in all things mechanical for most of my life. I spent a couple of years right out of college driving cross-country tractor trailers for a company now based in Brandenton, Florida. Mostly time sensitive deliveries from York, Pa. to Dallas, Los Angeles or Tampa. The trucks were typically GMC Astros or IH Transtar II Eagle cabovers with high cube van trailers.

Also spent time driving cement mixers and dump trailers for a local concrete company. First in B model Macks and then in DM's on heavy camelbacks.

Today, almost thirty five years later, I have a small collection of old vehicles that includes two Mack single axle diesel tractors. Most people would refer to my collection as "junk" - what could they possibly know? Anyway, it is all stored inside a heated shop space or at a remote quarry yard close to home.

I have run my family's building business for the past twenty two years. We are primarily a management firm, and we do not own any equipment or large trucks.

We do, however, have a second family owned company run by one of my uncles that provides heavy and specialized hauling nationwide. So my connection to trucking is able to continue. Jimmy owns several heavy three and four axle tractors and numerous trailers of various specification. He also brokers quite a few heavy loads to some dependable Owner/Operators leased to his business.

All in all - I have really enjoyed my connection to BMT and my business with Watt's Mack. I'm looking forward to the day when my B67 parts all touch each other again, and I can drive it to the shows.

Looking forward to a free T-shirt and hat.

Paul Van Scott

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Good start, Paul! See, its not to bad...in a blog, you can talk about anything you like, vent off some steam or showcase your writing skills! Pretty much anything goes!

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