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Cheap Smoker Oven

other dog


I have another favorite cooking tool in the back yard too-the outdoor electric smoker range. My best friend "Traveling Kid" ( he died of a heart attack a few years ago,while driving a truck. He was just past the scales on rt. 58 in Suffolk,Va.) told me how to make it,and it works great-if you don't mind an old electric range in your yard.I had mine in the shed in Appomattox,now i've got one out back behind a small metal shed,kind've out of sight. All you need is an old stove with a drawer in the bottom to store pots and pans.You remove all the wires,pull the insulation out of the bottom of the oven-leave the rest,on the sides and top-then drill some holes through the bottom.You'll have 2 bottoms with empty space in between when you pull the insulation out,and I drilled some holes from inside the oven,then turned it over and drilled some from the bottom-that way the holes aren't straight through,but the heat and smoke still get through to the oven but not flames.Then you just use the drawer for a fire box,using wood and/or charcoal and you've got a cheap smoker that works great.I've cooked turkeys in it,boston butts,chicken on a can,venison,and lots of other stuff.You can use a gas stove too,and they're already ready-you don't have to fool with getting the insulation out or drilling holes,because they've got a burner in the bottom,and you just put a fire in there and you're ready to smoke.


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