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Frank in Kuwait


Ok Here goes this is a few pages from a book that I am writing, it is fictional only in the respect of the Earth that we live on on the Earth that the truck is from I asure you it is completly true and not only real but will explain how some things here might transpire in our near future if we could only get rid of a few million uuseless government officials around the plantet

Now please allow me to introduce MACK.

G'day mate,

I'll not bugger ya earlobes with a lot of nokia.

Ya may not find all ma translations inta earth sector twenty two English are tik-tik. So bend the air a while

Chompe 1


I am a prototype transport unit of such a vintage design as never to have been possible on many sectors.

About two (earth 7) centuries ago, this crazy bugger decides that he needs

a large transport vehicle to haul his product.

From one earth to another earth often times the supplies would need transported to another time.

Pinsocka, (no tik-tik) I'll be buggered if I haven't gotten ahead of myself. Perhaps it is time I explain a tad of what I am talking about.

Well mate, as far as I have been able to determine there are at least thirty-eight different earths each sorta occupying more or less the same space.

Call em parallel worlds if ya want, we call em sectors (i.e. sectori sector two, three, twenty-two, and so on).

Each sector has their own differences , on many sectors ya might not notice hardly any change other than say what ya on (twenty-two) might know as the rocky mountains , may be located in a place ya think of as Florida,

Other sectors may more radical differences like people having more than 2 arms, one sector the continents are mixed up and not where they should

Be. Some of the sectors what ya know as North America is 12, OOOmi. East to west.

Oh Bugger it all mate I never intended to waste perfectly good quark juice on such mitasu (tik-- information).

Let’s try this again, most people call me Mack.

As near as I can recall, it all started like this.

Chompe la

Bill, at least which is what I call him.

Made a very bad business deal, at least everyone thought it was.

Any way he wound up with 202 million acres of land and needed a suitable means of transport. To relocate some of the items that was abandoned.

Now ya must realize 1 acre on sector 1 is about the size 10 square miles, on 22 which is where I believe that ya are.


Now at the same time well let’s say on sector 35 1 acre is only about 2100 square feet. This is to say earth 35 has a small acre even when compared to ya, on 22

Where was I? Oh yes now I remember my name is Mack Autopet:

We already covered that did we not?

Here we are Bill had some leftover parts for various vehicles and

Equipment on this piece of property that he bought. Did I tell ya how He came to buy this land? I guess not, well if we ever get the time perhaps I will. IN fact I think me”LL let him tell it if the old bugger

Will take the time

So anyway Bill started assembling me from these parts.

Bear with me now, as the technical lad-lad really has a tendency to wind the old circuits into a pile of neutron proto plasma.

Especially when talking about my own sub assemblies.

I have what ya would call a quite unique frame structure, as just to haul it to Bill's shop It took 75 tractor trailer rigs each having 10 axles all working in unison to move the frame. It then required 46 18 wheeler flatbed trucks just to transport the Drive axles. This took months to haul all the loads. My power cells were procured out of 5 navel aircraft carriers.

And then there is the reason that I’m able to talk to ya my main CPU. Is made up from 1000 individual ICM.6869s" Each having 45 trillion billobites of memory. Or about the equivalent of the entire memory of every computer on earth 22.

My traction membranes (rollers, tires, paws, shoes etc.), any way I have 1122 of them in contact with the surface or what ya might call the road

I do not believe this was a predetermined design but over the years have developed the capacity for auto regeneration. I am sure this is due at least in part, to the fact that the places I travel have no repair stations. Other than those staffed with mates having only the most rudimentary of skills.

What I am saying is that it is hardly possible for me to just haul myself into the nearest Texxon or Chevoble or even the famous Cltrock.

Mobile service centers

Once while on 22 we pulled along side dinky little place called Now what was it called? Any way ya might know it, it was located near a town by the name of Grant in your western state of Numesco

There were at least 750 18 wheeler rigs there, but had I attempted to park I would have crushed half the rigs there.

Now listen to me. Where was I?

Oh well I never said that I am the most centered thought minded being in the universe.


I sorta have a complex when it comes to gnibrcsed, oop’s I mean describing, myself.

I must be having an electro-neutron proto-plasma overload again. There that's better. I just slip phased my reactors from .133334 Degree per phase, or better known as 2700ph. down to .40 degree per phase or 9OOph.

Ya see mates your electricity comes to ya either single phase (1ph.) or three phases (3ph.) current. Mine through the use of 5 reactors comes through me as multi-phase ie.2700-900-45-3-1 and any where in between I also have random cycle (Hz.) . This allows me to process the energy coming out of the reactors in a more efficient manner.

I will let Bill or F.S. explain the reactors, as they can answer tik-tik

The extreme degree of difficulty that I have (Pinsocka, Pinsocka!!!!) describing things about myself.

Tell ya what lets do.

I'll just start and try to stay on the atom.

Here goes, ya realize that earth sector 22 dimensions will be the only ones that I will be using, as ya would not be able to comprehend sector l's dimensions.

Bye the way am I pronouncing ya correctly? (YA: y6u, you) I picked it up on sector 35. Pinsocka here I go again.

My size shape and speed are as follows.

Size: 4334.2'feet front to rear. 173.89 feet from side to side.

95.15 feet in height.

Now this not so say that's as big as I get

Far from it as I am able to increase my size by a factor of 1.6871for length or to about 7,312.23 ft. long

With an increase factor of 1.792 for width (311.61) ft. wide and height by a factor of 2.9763 to 283.19 ft. tall.

All This with out having to increase my roller (tire) size. By no more than 1.203.factor.

You see at the mere instance of thought, I can increase my roller surface contact area to a factor of 9.316.

Roller size 3600x60 no ply. This means the rollers are about l1feet tall and 3 feet wide when they are at their smallest,; And around 15.37ft. Wide by 2Oft. Tall also they can be 1O.25ft. Wide by 3Oft. Tall.

This one single option allows me to travel over terrain that would encumber a cockroach. And those buggers can travel over just about anything

My top speed would rival that of an earth 31 starship. This is the speed of light to the 3rd power. That is not 3 times the speed of light but the speed of light multiplied by its self 3 times, all this with out ever actually leaving the ground. It would be like making a trip from earth to the sun and back 34 million times in 1 second. I hold the fastest land speed record ever, as you might have guessed. Now the first thing you are going to say is super luminary let alone hyper luminary travel is an impossibility of physics. What you need to realize is on my planet or at least the planet that Bill lives on things such as this are not only possible but has been around for a hundred years. Oh for the love of Miehong what am I rambling about, enough of this nokia. I want ta yak-yak a little bout me mate Bill as that is how I think of him even though he built me. Ya see Bill is an inventor of several machines. One of these machines was for th gubbermant and it made him trillions of stones 1 stone exchanges on the planetary parallax money exchange system to 100 Dollars of earth 22 US dollars. It was a strange little contraption that converted ordinary grain into almost any culinary delight not only in taste, texture and looks but in nutritional value as well, and as th boys in a place called Astrailera would say its fair dinkem tucker mate. Ya also have such a place there on 22 spelled Australia.

I guess Bill’s biggest discovery would have been the existence of many co-existing planets occupying th same space on parallel planes of the universe, and probably more important a means of communicating across not only the parallaxes but across time as well.

His device was as send only system until the peoples of the respective planets could construct their own sending and receiving stations. Pinsocka I’m getting ahead of me self again. It all started one day while Bill was fooling around with a particle accelerator that he was designing to aim at the sun to destroy particles of ultra violet light before they reached the earth’s atmosphere. Earth had lost much of its upper ionosphere and what is called on earth 22 the ozone layer, from a cosmic meteor shower that lasted for over 100 years, these tiny meteors burned up in the atmosphere producing many noxious gases that almost completely destroyed th entire ionosphere and all of its protective layers of gas, allowing many tons of harmful particles of radiation through out the spectrum.

Do ya use the or th or te di in your language on earth 22? I have fried my neurons trying to figure out which englise language you are accustomed with Oh buggers mate my talk doesn’t’ make a bleeding stones worth of nokia if I get a few things said differently than you say them who th bloody ell gives a rats arse about it. After all I ain’t exactly trying to get into Pinkston or Hayward schools now am I?

Now where were we? My name is --- Pinsocka here me goes again. Bill now there is man who can spraken mitt sie oops! Oh yes, now when he was first testing the, I will call it a laser for lack of a better translation, any way he aimed it directly into the sub and fired it off in pulses for about 3 minutes now it takes a beam of light about 8 minutes to reach the sun so at first it seamed as if nothing was going to happen then about 13 or 14 minutes later the earth started to change almost as though it was a different planet, mountains disappeared rivers turned red the sky changed to a deep purple color people seamed to fade in and out trees appeared in the middle of deserts oceans grew and shrank at the same time. The scene was utterly chaotic At one time there appeared to be dozens of the same places occupying the same time and space at once. Fortunately most of the peoples of all the phasing planets went on with their little lives completely unaware of what was transpiring all around them.

This was not however the case with all pf the people, because trillions did experience the strange occurrence. On one planet I believe it is earth 27 over a billion died of fright, on all of the earths many simply ceased to exist as though they never were. Millions lost cohesion to their home planet and when the phasing ended found themselves transported to other planets. I actually believe this is what led Bill to discover a means of going from one earth to an alternate earth .Me thinks I need to back up a bit, throw the old truck in reverse and head down a different road for a mile or 3 to explain more about the atmosphere recovery laser if I can as you know I said that Bill is better than I at explaining things, I find myself trying to spin my wheels in a hundred directions at once and don’t explain any thing well. Bill was born on earth 22 in the year 1911 and he was working on a top secret US Gubbermant project that had to do with some extremely strong electro magnetic field generators. Gubbermant is that how you say it or does it have a “V” in it somewhere moch-nicht I guess. Any way something went wrong or possibly right depending on how you look at it and Bill was I guess it is called teleported here to earth 1 ,this ultimately may have been what caused the 100 year meteor shower I don’t know for sure, however now that I think about it, Hum yep I bet that’s what caused it I better get hold of Bill and tell him that I MACK AUTOPETERWORTH ASTRONAVILINER have solved the 200 year old mystery as why the sky started falling. Maybe I could write a report on my theory and get it published in the planetary historical society journal. Never mind what good would it do for me to spend my time writing a 100 page report on a subject that has already been hashed over a million times?

Pinsocka-Pinsocka there I go again, I was trying to explain about the laser wasn’t I? The laser, well this laser was so big and so powerful that it required over half of the electrical output of this planet for 3 hours just to charge it up for four 3 minute discharges had one of those discharges hit the planets Venus or Mercury a 1 mile diameter hole would have been burned through either of them. Actually a hole through Venus would have been smaller since Venus is much closer to earth than mercury, either way had this happened the result would have been very bad. After they fired off the laser they thought nothing had happened and started to question Bill as to what went wrong. Bill simply said you wanted me to try and build a laser that could trigger an electromagnetic pulse on the surface of the sun; well it takes time for the results to reach us if it worked. I doubt if the pulse will be enough to clean very much of the radiation particles out of our atmosphere, in my opinion it will have the reverse effect and just add billions of tons more harmful particles to our already severely depleted upper layers of the atmosphere. I only prey that for once I am proved wrong, for all our sakes. The natural regeneration ability of the earth is not something I feel we should be mucking around with, but what’s done is done and we will all suffer the consequences for our actions.

About 15 minutes later the sky turned a frightening deep red color so red in fact that it appeared to be on fire, in fact it was on fire at about 50 miles up. Every one ran as fast as they could for fallout shelters, this is when they noticed that something was really wrong not only was the sky red but it had taken on the appearance of being more than one sky at the same time about 2 minutes after that mountains disappeared people vanished others inexplicably seamed to be more than one person at the same time still others found they had extra limbs that were not of their control many around the would died from heart attacks, this however was not known nor was it realized that these people had died as direct result of the firing of the laser for years. 5 years to be exact when the global census was conducted and compiled. Only then was it realized that 500 million people world wide had died at the same instant of the resulting electromagnetic pulse struck the stratosphere, there was no proof that their deaths were directly connected to the firing of the laser but this was highly suspected.

Many other things had happened during the 1 and ½ minutes of electromagnetic activity, like I said about the sky changing color and things disappearing and appearing out of nowhere, but other things that are hard to describe


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Hey Frank, welcome to BMT's Blogs! So, your book is going to be Star Trek meets Convoy? Looks interesting...I'd buy it! Keep 'em coming!

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Hey Frank, welcome to BMT's Blogs! So, your book is going to be Star Trek meets Convoy? Looks interesting...I'd buy it! Keep 'em coming!

Thanks Barry I have about 20 chapters on it so far but not transcripted in order pretty much the way most writers do things,

Actually I have over 20 minni casets that I need to transcribe. but I have about 5 other books I am currently writing on that are occupying my free time as well . One day I will get my act together and finish at least 1 of them and then try to get it published.

I can say that Mack as I call the truck does get into some rather hair raising adventures once at the Giant stuck stop in New Mexico on Earth 22 that is were we live he ran over 2000 18 wheelers just trying to turn around. squashed them like a bug on a windshield LOL

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