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Exploding Jugs (no,pamela Anderson Is Not In This Story)

other dog


The Appomattox Railroad Festival and Parade is this weekend.Last year Tom at the shop put the big "Mack" sign on the water tank on the mixer the morning of the parade. I had to burn the frost off of it with a hair dryer first,and we tilted a space heater up inside the shop to try to warm it up so the decal would stick. When I stopped by the shop to get fuel before I went to Seneca Tuesday it was 94 degrees. Still no rain ....speaking of Tom at the shop ( I'm Tom too ),he's discovered a new form of entertainment (?)-he took the top off a windshield washer fluid jug,drilled a hole in it and screwed an air line chuck into it.Then he connects an air line to it that has a shut-off on the wall,sets the empty jug by the tool box or under a trailer and waits for an unsuspecting victim to walk by,then he turns the air on and the jug explodes like a cannon firing. I think he's gotten about everybody-i'll be glad when he runs out of empty jugs.I think when I fill my washer tank if the jug is empty i'll cut a hole in it with my pocket knife.


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