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What's Up ?

other dog


What did I do this week ,if anything?...oh, I remember- I went to Negley, Oh. with a van load because my return load from Follansbee,WV to Richmond had to be in a van. Didn't have any 48 footers at the yard so I had to pull a 53. Tight spot at N.B.Handy in Richmond,got to blind side back to the dock,and it's much easier with a 48' trailer because it's so cramped in there. The windows in the sleeper and motorized mirrors really come in handy there. Then I went to Seneca,Pa. with a load of treated lumber.Had to pull a 53' flat up there because they were putting 8 new tires on my regular trailer,a 48' aluminum Ravens. Nothing like a Ravens,in my opinion.I keep my beveled wood and coil racks in the tool box and my tarps , straps, and long 4x4s on the front of the trailer,and I had to transfer the beveled wood,coil racks,and tarps to the trailer I was pulling because I either had to bring back 2 new trailers from Kent,Oh. or load coils at Sharon,Pa. Got to Seneca that night and when I got to 84 Lumber there wasn't room enough to get off the road if I pulled up to the gate,so I figured i'd turn around and go back to the Wal-Mart and park,at least until somebody ran me out of there. I didn't see a good turn around spot and went on to Oil City and turned around,down the 14 mile 21% grade,then had to drag the load back up the 21 mile 19% grade to go to Wal-Mart.Funny thing was,it was only 6 miles to Oil City from where I turned off of 322 onto 257,and it was a mile to 84 Lumber. And I never did need the wood or tarps,I ended up going to Sugar Creek,Oh. to get a load of bricks going to Lynchburg. Now I'm loaded with Kyanite on my regular trailer,the one with the new tires, to deliver Monday in Cleveland. I even got a chance to replace a leaking air line on the mixer this evening,and took the power steering line off that was leaking. I'll try to get a new one made tomorrow and get it back on there-the Appomattox Railroad Festival and parade is next weekend.


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