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  1. Please don't misunderstand me. These adj can cause major damage if pushed to extremes. Such as "strechted rods" as quoted . melted pistons, broken cranks etc. like evrything else in life moderation is the key, and knowing limitations helps as well. If I sold my truck as is someone else they would probably would melt pistons down in a week. especially if used to driving stock R, where it's foot to floor all the time
  2. That pump adj will do wonders if you do it right, don't go crazy and drive it yourself. RPM's help out as well I have my R set at 2450 but don't tach it out
  3. This is my 1985 R688ST complete rebuild/restoration project. Everything on this truck is new, rebuild or has been replaced.. Will be up for sale next week when complete. Has 0 miles on bottom end, new turbo, injectors and a/c comp, 340K on truck. Have over 25K in receipts from start last year until now. Over 10K in blasting/paint supplies and paint as well.