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P.a.i.'s "b" Turbo Question


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Well, we started this frame off deal thinking that the only "later" engine combination that would fit and look good under the hood would be an ENDT673C. So, thats what I built, including of course 17 to 1 compression. Then, the other day I saw PENNYSJEFFS B with the aftercooler, I didn't know it would fit under the hood.but we had too much compression. Anyway, we found an engine component list that included 17 to 1 so I want to continue with what now would be an ENDT676.

We need a tip turbine fan. Does anyone out there have one? You'all have been a lot of help with a lot of my qestions and I have stumbled along fairly well since the beginning of this deal. Maybe one day-------------------------------------------------it'll be done.

Thanks Jim T.

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