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Several years ago I was talking to one of P.L.Duncan's drivers in Sparrows Point,Md. I was telling him about my old cement mixer and my love of old trucks, and he told me about all the old trucks Mr. Duncan had, some packed in a building so tight you could hardly walk between them. He said they were all old, and most of them were running. I told myself then, "self, you need to get down there and take a look at those trucks". Well, after about 5 or 6 years, I finally did Friday. It was a great trip. I called Mr. Duncan before I went, and he told me to come on down. He's a very nice man, and when I got there I saw that his driver I talked to was understating if anything- he has all kinds of antique trucks, stuck everywhere! I took some pictures, then stopped to see an old friend of mine before I went to see mom and dad, and he owns the old 860 GMC that was a wrecker at the garage I worked at in Cumberland when I first got out of high school, in 1974. It was great! You can still see "Cumberland Auto Service" on the doors. Always loved that truck- 6-71 Detroit, 5 speed, with 2 speed rear. Just wish I could have driven it again! But, it was a great day!

Here's some random pictures...

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