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[New BMT Blog Entry] mackdaddy1911a1's Blog - Wash Day...it's About Time


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Well I believe winter is finally over here in north west Georgia. All I have to say is it's about time. We don't get much snow here in Chickamauga but rain oh my God we get the rain. For the past few years we have been in a draught and I know we need the rain but I am sure happy when the old sun comes shineing through.

This week work has been slow so I descided that it was time to do some serious spring cleaning to the ole Bulldog. I love to wash my truck and usually I don't make a big fuss over it but this week My new girlfriend started taking pictures so I thought I'd put some of them on here. Some before and after pictures to illustrate just how nasty the ole girl was before I got down to some serious cleaning. She almost looks new with all that crud washed away. I worked about three hours with a pressure washer and some heavy duty degreaser on the frame and tranny and rears. The engine was already fairly clean and only took a few minutes to get it RIGHT.

When I wash the truck I try very hard to get it as clean as possible everytime. Makes it alot easier to wash each time. The grease is always a challenge but that's going to always be there and it is neccesary. If I don't have to leave first thing in the morning I will grease the chassis and then start on the interior. My 12volt "truck shop vac" quit on me the other day after 5 years of hard service so I'm having to do all the vacuming at home. No problem thouhg I have plenty of extra hose for the real Shop Vac.

Hope everyone enjoys the blog and the new pictures.

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