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I must be off now-going to Roxana again with piling. Good thing they're building that pipeline from Alberta. Hauling the piling to the refinery has really been good, keeping us a little busy anyway. Haven't been making but one round a week lately, and deadheaded back to Knoxville and Rome, Ga. the last two times I went to Roxana.

We lost 2 of our regular hauls lately, the treated lumber out of Moneta and return loads of steel to Roanoke. A large flatbed carrier, like the mickow corporation, cut the rates and just took the hauls. Bidness is bidness I guess...a dog eat dog world.

...And how about Miss California? I saw the headline yesterday on the yahoo home page but didn't read the story. It just said her answer to a question may have cost her the Miss America title. Then I heard the whole story on the news this morning. I thought she had stumbled on a reply or something, like standing there saying "well, uh... mmm, duh- d'oh!"

That wasn't it at all-she replied to a question about gay marriage and the faggot-can you say that here?-judge that asked the question didn't like her reply that marriage should be between a man and woman. So he scored her low or not at all. She gave a good answer I thought, and her personal opinion shouldn't be held against her either way. Just my opinion.

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