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[New BMT Blog Entry] Paul's Tales - Better Days


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So - Spring is upon us and it feels really good.

Although I did stand on top of a six foot pile of old snow in

Star Lake last week to photograph the roof of a building!

Probably the last one of those for a while.

Without counting any unhatched chickens - our building business is looking better by the day.

We have done what we had to do to cut the expenses and get the ovehead down.

And we have gotten very aggressive with finding new work, and leasing our unused properties

to get some cash flowing.

Interesting unexpected twist unfolding right now....

A friend of mine called a couple of months ago inquiring for a friend of his, about buying an old Mack.

(gotta love these "friend of a friend of a friend" stories)

The buyer lives in Florida. I told him to look around Florida.

There are several pretty nice B models that I know of in Florida. So I sent them searching.

The story goes quiet for a couple of months.

Anyway, my friend called last week to ask about buying my B-67 project as a completed truck.

Now, I'm not usually speechless. But I was close there for a minute.

Seems his Florida buddy wants a finished truck. (Smart Fella) And, he thinks he wants mine.

Supposedly flying here on Sunday. We'll see..... could be a whole new venture.

Ah the webs we weave.

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