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I went to Midland City, Alabama Sunday...sorta-kinda. I made it all the way to Cowpens, S.C. before I took a nap. The after Christmas traffic was bumper to bumper so I stopped about 5:30 at Cowpens and got a bite to eat and laid down until about midnight. Then I got a super-size Red Bull and hammered down. Came all the way back to Atlanta and picked up a load going to Scherr, West Virginia Monday- a whopping 6,000 lbs. I unloaded at Scherr Tuesday morning-good little ride from Midland City. Scherr is near Mount Storm, at the junction of rt. 42 and 93. It's right at the bottom of the big mountain with all the windmills at the top. The Mount Storm power plant is at the top of the mountain too. That would be the 5 or 6 mile 10% grade mountain. Tons of fun in winter.

These pictures are of where I unloaded in Midland City-you can see this same spot on street view on Google Earth,on rt. 134 just west of Midland City.

And the view from the top of the mountain on rt. 55 before you get to Moorefield-you can see the smoke from the Mt. Storm power plant way off in the distance, and just barely the windmills.

An old bridge on rt. 220 in W.V.

View from the top of Afton mtn. on rt. 64 in Va.

...and lots of trucks at the yard.

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