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Tenn Coal Power Plant


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you guys hear abought that coal ash spill in tenn kingston power plant thats crazy i work at the aps power plant here in the four corners we haul all the ash out of the plant we use the bottom ash for roads and dams and dykes we also haul the fly ash that i hate its nasty real fine finer the flower gets into motors, seals everything we distroy trucks in the flyash and equipment to just throwin money down the drain and when its windy it will sand blast you to shreds and give you breathing problems for life thats flyash that flooded tenn nasty it wont hurt you if you touch it but it does have mercury iron and sulfuric acid in it so dont eat it as i have you cant help it when the wind blows all the dams and dykes we have got motion detectors buried 30 feet into the dykes if it even shakes a little there out there inspecting it we drive on them all the time with trucks and never tripped a sensor so we must be doing something right as we built all those dykes except for the lake dam witch is over 50 feet deep its real crazy when you see it and drive down to the bottom all you can think of is if the dyke gave way what will you do but the plant is over 50 years old and no problems so we will see

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