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2012 MRU won't regen code for Atomization air


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So we got a truck from another site. 2012 MRU spark assist DPF. It won't regen. There is one code for Atomization air mechanical system not responding. SPN3485 FMI 7. replaced the pressure sensors on the atomization module. still same code. replaced the atomization module with new. same code. have good air pressure going to the module. turn the air valves on and off with the computer. hearing click and hear and feel air out the tube going to the fuel nozzle. when truck starts to regen see 36 psi of so on the computer for atomization air. it clicks the shutoff and the psi goes to 0. I went through the troubleshooting and it says something about when you manually turn the atomization air shutoff on the air pressure should be less than 17psi. i did it and it shows 36psi it says to replace the atomization module, but we already did. same problem with either module. the computer says the air is internally regulated in the Atomization module. does it need to be before the module? Please help i'm stumped.

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old atomization module had number on it of 1578198X 2258875

new one number are 1578195X and 22258878

electrical connector is different. updated module? do I have the correct one?

Truck:2012 MACK MRU613  VIN:1M2AV02CXCM008726

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