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Hello, located southwest of Chicago


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Hey everyone,

My name is Roy....I worked at a Mack dealership back in the mid 70's for about 3-4 years. It was my first exposure to the truck and heavy equipment field after having about 8 years in the automotive side. We did a lot of R model truck sales, wet kit installs, warranty work on the 300 maxidyne engines, I remember a run on camshaft failures. Also overhauls Mack engines mostly from ingesting dirt. We did a lot of glider kits there remembering some special trucks doing a few super liners one with a Cat 1693. I also worked on D8's, 977's, 955's. Left there pursuing my own business then working at 2 different Paccar dealers being focused on mostly Cat and Cummins engines but also Detroit.

I have completely overhauled quite a few in and out of chassis  E6 2 vlv motors from the 237-300-300+ but that was a long time ago. I have checked out your forum and see you have some very knowledgeable people here and wondered if I could bounce some ideas of you guys and will start a thread relating to my questions regarding a T675 2 vlv 237 that was put in a 57 B85 some time ago and is currently being restored.

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