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1975 Mack R685ST cab

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The restoration of my 1975 Mack R685ST is not only a exciting adventure for me but also a daunting one, but by all means worth it. From the positive ground to negative ground conversion, to the truck not having a single functional wire, or the truck having no dash this gold bulldog will be back to work making money just like it was built to do. This topic is going to be about the cab/interior. The biggest part of the cab portion of the restoration is the missing dash. The man I purchased it from also purchased it without a dash so who knows where it is. I have about four options for replacing the missing dash, 1: Part a dash together by purchasing parts as I find them. 2: purchase an entire dash with instruments included, as ideal as that sounds to me I have yet to see an entire dash for sale. But I will be on an aggressive search for one, I will also be posting in the wanted portion of the market topic hoping someone will have one for sale. 3: I could try to buy a steel dash from a little older r model and making it work, definitely sounds more appealing the plastic in my opinion. But will draw back from original and I tend to lean twords as original as possible when approaching a restoration but I also know that's not always an option, they are also not easy to come by. Lastly number 4: build a custom dash, this is probably the least appealing option but probably the cheapest and would result in alot less searching for parts. I'm no fabricator but I have a great imagination and eye for solutions, and even better I work with very talented fabricators who are always look to put there name on a project so building one would be pretty easy. The man I bought it from had the same idea but as you can see in the pictures was building a simple dash... I will build somthing closer to the original dash. I will sleep some nights on the four options I gave myself, meanwhile I am very interested in your opinions and ideas, maybe you can think of a fifth or sixth option, if you have any input or know where I can find some of these options please let me know. Safe trip.



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