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Electrical help needed

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I've got a 2014 cux613 with a MP7 having an issue where I'm loosing power under load the error codes it gave me was for the delta pressure sensor and the boost sensor. I replaced both sensors and truck is having the issue intermittently cause injector 2 to misfire I was told by mack to do a forced regen I've tried the truck doesn't allow it. Mack told me that my EGR Valve might be having an electrical issue where it is sticking any idea or diagrams on what the ohms or voltage to look for on the EGR valve and the Delta p sensor



Error codes I got was P0046, P0202,P026c, P20ee

Mack told me to check the voltage and resistance on the egr harness to see if it’s causing it to stick. I was also told to check the resistance and voltage from the egr differential pressure sensor and boost sensor. I just don’t have a reference to what numbers they should be at


Any help would be appreciated

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