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my very own mack dm600

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hi my mack truck people. Ill never forget daddys 1st mack tractor. a b81 thermodyne. well i grew up in that b81 always riding with daddy. I was about 6 yrs. old, she was red, hername was the red barron. my dad and his men taught me a lot about macks. as time went on we finally sold our last b model. That was Snakes truck, daddy would keep it as long as snake wanted her. well our friend Ritchie from ritchies B.P in Annapolis maryland had a whole yard full of daddys old B models. Classic and all the dog they were. ritchie could not wait to get the last one. He made truck tow trucks out of them. we had dm600s and the long nose dm800s, r models and the first Superliner sold at Baltimore mack, she was all anyone could want, with her bad ass lowboy. we built roads and hauled sand and gravel, plus rip rap. you would never catch any nasty asphut dred went in our dump bodys. we were caterpillar and mack all the way.Daddy did a commercial for cat showing the world our lovely 12 g motorgrader. A airline that is long gone wanted my dad to send me to flight attendent school. you should have seen how proud daddy was. Then you should had seen his face when i told dad, i want my own mack. no one ever quit George m. king contractors, ihad black family and white familys that i loved with all my heart! well in  1978 i had turned 20. dad put me in my dear friends Tom Cats truck, for a whole year i rode and drove. i can say i was real good. old number 24, she was a puller. then when i turned 21 daddy brought my dm 600 dump truck for me. he didnt care for the career i chose but he was so proud of me. those were the best years in my life. i always sprayed out of under my baby. she was so beautiful!!!!  Daddy sent my beloved Mr. Bill Rumpel to mack truck school. one time when we were haulind sand out of a hell sand pit i was waiting for mickey dove to load me. dont get me wrong i was mack true blue  nd was the only girl driver i knew of. I said Daddy, why dont we get some KWs dump tucks like sonny pruit had. daddy let me know, they will end up blowing their rears. so right daddy always was. I was a tomboy from hell, i lived at our great shop. Daddy soon gave up on telling me to stay out of it. He should had known I had the worst mouth out of all my mack family. all the glory has been long gone because daddy died of cancer in 85. the mother was to lazy and scared to run my daddys business. i had no use for her but to buy my barrel racing saddles and other things for my horse. No I am not cold, she could only have one daughter at a time to love. she had 5.  any way she isnt in my story. Lord how I miss the feel of a full load and the power, it reminded me of a motorboatpulllin through the water. I loved my truck, my co workers, and the man that let me live my dream daddy. never stop driving your mack, i regret every day that let it go. if it in your blood, you will know it. it runs through my veins still to this day.

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