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Last week when I left Thursday going to Masury,Ohio (everybody hates Masury :angry: ) Todd told me to "run this load, and you'll be done 'til after Thanksgiving". That didn't really happen, as I left Monday and took a load of fingers (well,that's what they called them) to Milan, Ohio. When I left he said "run this load, and you'll have a four day weekend coming up anyway". That didn't happen either. I delivered in Milan Tuesday, which is near Norwalk, and ran in snow all the way from Strasburg to Milan to Macedonia, which is near Cleveland, and back down I-77 almost to Charleston, W.V. before I ran out of it. I unloaded in Roanoke this morning and went to Dillwyn and loaded up an Orchard Park load for Monday. This is good, I was hoping he was joking when he said i'd be done 'til after Thanksgiving. I like to eat and have electricity too.

After I got home today I processed the turkey-you know,got all the accessories out that they put inside of 'em-and put it in salt water to soak overnight. It's in a cooler on ice on the back porch, along with the four extra turkey legs bought-the ones that cost more than the whole turkey :huh: . Then I made turkey stock from the accessory pack i'd previously removed, and cooked all the sweet potatoes I had and made six pies. I feel like I had a pretty good day. I'll slap that turkey in the smoker oven first thing in the morning, everybody come on over!

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