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Upgrading Fuel (Gas) System B-Model EN707

FDNY 343

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So I took my B-Model out to it’s first show last weekend  (since I’ve owned the truck) Fresh fill-up of Ethanol-Free gas and all seemed good, until the ride home. Started spitting, missing and ultimately shut down. After towing back home I checked the NEW fuel filters and they were slam packed with rust and all kinds of junk. I pumped out the tank and even more crap coming out and the “Fresh Gas” was Brown/Rust collored. Dropped the tank and it’s a mess inside, previous owner must have tried some type of tank sealer/liner which has broken down into some wicked chunks, along with carmelized fuel deposits and rust. Fortunately I am able to fabricate a New Alluminum tank, I’m rebuilding the Zenith Carburetor and replacing the Electric Fuel pump and Copper Fuel lines. A few questions, what have you guys used for fuel lines... Stainless? Nylon, Neoprene, or Steel/Copper plated? Other question is what is the proper fuel pressure to go to the Carb? Some of the Fuel Pumps I’m looking at are mentioning the Fuel Pressure they operate at. I’m hoping with a New Fuel System, New Plugs-Wires Cap and upgrading to Electronic Ignitions she’ll run like a champ *fingers crossed* any feedback would be helpful. Thanks 


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