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B Quit Turning Over

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I was trying to get my B-61 started the other day, it was kinda cold so I used a little ether like I normally do. Cranked fine, popped off, but not quite enough to start. Tried to crank it again with a little more spray, and nothing. I may have given it a little too much ether the second time around, but even after letting it sit, still nothing. It sounds like the parallel switch is clunking loud, and it's hard to tell if the starter is even trying to turn. Another way to describe it is like a starter engaging a stuck flywheel. I thought I locked the motor up, but I can bar the engine over both ways so that's not the case. I am suspecting the starter, but not really sure I want to condemn it yet. The truck sits a lot, I only try to start it maybe every couple months. Any suggestions?

I have not checked battery voltage, I'm only running 2- 12volts, but that's been enough to start it in the past. This time it sounds different than when my batteries were low. I also know that some of the battery cables are questionable, but all the connections seem relatively tight, enough to where I should get something out of the starter.

I don't know that much about the 12/24 volt system, and I'm thinking about updating to a 12V starting system, and eliminate the positive ground. I might just remove everything and start fresh?

Thanks, Adam

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I think you answered your own question. First check all your cables and connections. Thats the first place to look. Your starter might have also just up and quit, they do that. Try tapping the starter with a hammer as the solenoid becomes stuck and sometimes a few taps frees them up.


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