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55 B85 With EN707 rough running

FDNY 343

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I can’t figure out why my truck runs rough and stumbling, chugging whenever I start it and stays running like that for 2-3 minutes then all of a sudden purrs like a kitten and runs smooth like a fine oiled machine. It reminds me of a vacuum leak or something opening or closing when it gets to a certain temperature it activate something and she smooths right out. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what to check? Come to think about it, I’ve only started it in the “B” position for batteries and ignition toggle switches on the dash. But that still does’nt make sense. I changed all the spark plugs today.... Heavy Wetish Black soot/crud build up. Haven’t checked or changed Cap/Rotor/Points etc. Truck has been sitting not run for over a year until I bought it a few weeks ago. Anyone else experience this? 

Thanks ~ Jimmy

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