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[New BMT Blog Entry] Paul's Tales - Shop Organization


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I was able to get some used warehouse pallet racking this week.

Got enough for two 18' x 18' x 4' sections. Total of

twelve 8' shelves rated at 10,000# each.

I can get more, if necessary.

My wood racking didn't really work out that well, and I need

to get it disassembled and out of the shop before too many

people see it.

That ought to take care of the pallets and the large parts.

Some smaller shelf units will take of the smaller boxes and parts.

We are really happy with the way this shop is coming together.

Been working on reassembling the B-67 frame and suspension.

The front axle is back in place, the front springs are done,

and the rear hangers are in place now. The rear axle should be

back in place by Friday of this week. Hopefully rolling by the following


After assembly, and before we install plumbing and air lines,

the frame and suspension will get final painting.

The B-67 is going to be red with black fenders and black

frame with red spokes on the hubs. Not unique, but original

except for the red spokes, according to the build sheet.

I am intending to use the original 673NA and a nine speed

overdrive duplex, although I do have a lightweight triplex

single overdrive that might see duty in this truck.

I did acquire another R-600 a couple of weeks ago.

It's a running, driving and rust-free single axle diesel tractor.

I am going to test the market with three Mack trucks, advertising

both the 1966 and 1969 R-600's, and the B-61 tractor.

These are good, complete trucks for projects.

Both R models run very well and everything works.

The B needs a good restoration, although every single

part is there. The cab and fenders are a little rusty, and

it really hasn't been run in five or six years.

Dennis has decided he really does not want to sell the H-63 that

we own together. OK by me. It's in the shop and in line for work.

Right at this minute, we are thinking of using that tractor to tow a

large fifth wheel travel trailer. So we will put an air ride rear suspension

in and probably a nine speed overdrive duplex. We've already ear-marked

a good running 673NA for power. We also have a choice of Maxidyne power

up to 285 hp, and a couple of different transmissions that would work in the H model.

That's today's thoughts anyway. Always subject to change. Quickly.

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