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allison ht740 shift solenoids


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trying to do some diagnosing on my refuse truck allison ht740rs trans.  sometimes reverse sometimes no.  also at times it wants to kill the engine as soon as i put it into forward gear.   

with truck stopped and off if i put the shifter into reverse then into neutral and start the truck it will go into reverse ONCE.  wont go twice until i shut off the truck shift into reverse then neutral and restart the truck, goes into reverse.   also the acc/solenoid relay seems like its getting pretty warm  more hot than warm.

has anybody dropped the pan to replace the shift solenoids in the allison ht740 transmisson?

want to know if its a tough job and why you changed them.




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well  still screwing around with this.

anyways thinking possibly a switch issue of some sort.

with engine off, if i shift into rev and back into neutral a couple times and then start the truck.  it goes into reverse, but only once.  

seems something not switch,

what do you think would the nss do this?

could it also be an input speed sensor?

any help would be great.

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