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Titles and vin plates

Chris X

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I have just purchased a 1957 mack B 61 Tractor, Here in Colorado, that has had it's vin plate, removed from it. They were Bought from a Peach Orchard Grower's Estate, here in Colorado, and the 64 came with out a title, so that is what happened to mine. While I am not thrilled about this, The Trucks are both legit, and I am positive of that, and I got mine for a Great price, and it Really is the better of the two trucks. Also, I am planing to use just It's cab, on an 88 Chevrolet 2 ton Chassis, with an Aluminium Roll back body, by Jerr-Dan, With a 12,000.lb winch, and I do have a Clean and Open title for the Chevy. I Really would Like to have it listed as a 1957 Mack though, and I would like to know if any one out there has a 1957 Clean and open title, and matching Vin, for sale, So i can regester the truck as a mack, rather than a Chevy, or as a Salvage title My Body, is in Exelent shape, and I have given a good deal less than $1,000.00 for the whole truck, It it a Teledine equiped 6, with a split case, and a single axel. I will be taking only the cab and body mounts, and the tanks from this Chassis, and applying them to my Chevy Chassis, when the Trucks are sise by side. I mean no Dis respect, to the Mack purests out there, but i have seen many a Mack B 61 conversions out there, so i feel, that they are at least tolerated. I Collect all kinds of vintage cars and trucks, and sell off the excess, to pay for what I want to keep. i just turned 65, and have two Brand New Knees, and soon will have at least 1 newly repaired shoulder, as i am still recovering from being hit by a car, some years ago. this has made using my Trailer, a bit of a paine, and I have always loved 3 trucks in my life, B 61's, White Cab overs, and Divcos, so as You can see, I have it bad.(I have 12 Toys Now, and have had 182 total, and my favorit is always the next one) I will be advertising all of the Chassis, Engine, tranimission,and differential / wheels and chassis, and any other related left over parts for sale, to any restorers out there, and plan to be below market, so as to be both fair, and to make them go away. I will be looking for hood trim, and 2 Split bull dogs, a crome grill shelland grill to replace my very nice painted one, and a Mack badge and Buldog for the same. I likely will need a Mack Horn Button as well, But as the truck has not arrived yet from westeren colorado, I only have photos, I will post photos soon, when I can get my new cell phone, and my old computer, to get along, or use some one else's computer, to do so. I will post my Email here, if it is permissable, so that others may contact me, with regards to my request, and the parts i will be offering. : Thanks for a wonderful site, and i look forward to reading it oftem, and sharing many build photos, through out the build.

Best Regards to all members out there, from a new Mack owner.........


chris Stames


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